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Firm Overview

Firm Overview

Maffei Structural Engineering combines design experience and research to deliver creative and thoughtful solutions for structures subjected to earthquakes, wind, and other extreme conditions.  From the design of new structures to the evaluation and the retrofitting of existing buildings, the firm leverages its dual strengths in practice and research to achieve efficient and optimal designs for public- and private-sector clients.

Founded in 2013 by Joe Maffei, an internationally recognized structural engineer, Maffei Structural Engineering believes that an open exchange of ideas between team members and peers is essential to fostering innovations that better serve clients and the public.  Whether in the practical aspects of design, or in expert review and thought leadership, Joe and his team pride themselves in providing unparalleled expertise along with sound judgment, clear communication, and prompt, professional service.

Maffei Structural Engineering is a trusted partner and a go-to consultant for builders, architects, owners, and organizations.  We are a San Francisco Local Business Enterprise (LBE), a certified small business, and registered to practice engineering in several states.

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