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Chile Earthquake Studies Post-earthquake reconnaissance and applied research

Chile Earthquake StudiesPost-earthquake reconnaissance and applied research

The 2010 Maule Chile Earthquake caused damage to several mid-rise and high-rise concrete wall buildings, and the performance of these buildings offers practical lessons for improving the practice of structural engineering design.

Joe Maffei was a member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute reconnaissance team. He also served as Project Director of the Applied Technology Council ATC‑94 project, and Karl Telleen was a member of the Project Technical Committee. The project investigated observed damage and potential lessons related to buckling of wall longitudinal reinforcement, overall buck­ling of wall sections, and unintended structural coupling.

Selected publications related to this research include:

Practical Recommendations for Concrete Wall Design, Based on Studies of the 2010 Chile Earthquake
Telleen, Maffei, Heintz, and Dragovich, 2012
Proceedings 15th World Conference of Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal

Lessons for Concrete Wall Design from the 2010 Maule Chile Earthquake
Telleen, Maffei, Willford, Aviram, Huang, Kelly, and Bonnelli, 2012
Proceedings International Symposium on Engineering Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Tokyo, Japan

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