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Reconnaissance, Planning, and Other Publications Selected list

Reconnaissance, Planning, and Other PublicationsSelected list

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Damage Evaluation of Precast Concrete Structures in the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquakes
Fleischman, Restrepo, Pampanin, Maffei, Seeber, and Zahn, 2014
Earthquake Spectra

Preview of PCI’s New Zealand Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Report
Fleischman, Restrepo, Maffei, and Seeber, 2012
PCI Journal

Lessons for Concrete Wall Design from the 2010 Maule Chile Earthquake
Telleen, Maffei, Willford, Aviram, Huang, Kelly, and Bonnelli, 2012
Proceedings International Symposium on Engineering Lessons Learned from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Tokyo, Japan

Structural Analyses to Replicate the Observed Damage to Engineered Buildings from the January 2010 Haiti Earthquake
Zhang, Federico, Telleen, Schellenberg, Fleischman, and Maffei, 2011
Proceedings, ASCE Structures Congress

The Resilient City:  Part 1, Before the Disaster
Poland, Bonowitz, Maffei, and Barkley, 2009
The Urbanist, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association

Recent Italian Earthquakes:  Examination of Structural Vulnerability, Damage, and Post-Earthquake Practices
Maffei, Bazzurro, Marrow, and Goretti, 2006
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

The 2002 Molise Italy Earthquake
Maffei and Bazzurro, 2004
Earthquake Spectra

Suggested Improvements to Performance-Based Seismic Guidelines
Maffei, 2000
Proceedings of the 12th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Auckland, New Zealand

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