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Solar Energy Structures Product development, analysis tools, investigation, retrofit

Solar Energy StructuresProduct development, analysis tools, investigation, retrofit

Maffei Structural Engineering is a leader in the structural design and testing of solar arrays subjected to wind and seismic forces. Working closely with photovoltaic designers, contractors and building owners, we directly apply our research to the product development of solar array support structures, the design of new and retrofitted structures, and the improvement of industry guidelines.

Since 2008, Joe Maffei, Karl Telleen, and Andreas Schellenberg have led efforts to establish appropriate structural design procedures and requirements for solar energy systems, considering wind, gravity and seismic effects. Joe also co-directed the development of industry standards on the topic for the Structural Engineers Association of California, and is the statewide chair for the organization’s Solar Photovoltaic Systems committee.

Our team also has investigated causes of damage to solar arrays following strong wind events such as Hurricane Sandy and provided appropriate retrofit designs to improve wind resistance as well peer review of design modifications to damaged arrays.

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