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Andreas Schellenberg Consultant | PE, PhD

Andreas SchellenbergConsultant | PE, PhD

Andreas Schellenberg has 14 years of experience in structural engineering research and consulting focused on advanced analysis, state-of-the-art design, and structural testing. He has worked on a variety of structures including museums, laboratories, tall buildings, and San Francisco’s new air-traffic control tower.

For the solar industry, Andreas managed the industry-leading shake-table testing program to investigate the seismic behavior of unattached solar arrays. He has also performed first-of-its-kind nonlinear wind response history analyses using pressure data from wind tunnel tests and has led engineering teams in developing specialized software to automate the structural analysis and design of solar arrays.

Andreas has developed state-of-the-art analyses for soil-structure interaction and has expertise in isolated and energy-dissipating structures.  He is an expert in laboratory testing and is the author of the OpenFresco software platform for structural testing using hybrid simulation.

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